For a Cheery Interior You’ll Need Some Personality…


You have a design sense. We all do.

Interior Designers inject their vision of your home, and your lifestyle, into your space. In order for a designer to sell themselves, they have to be recognizable. Their style will be written all over your place. It will fit neatly into their portfolio, which is full of images that have just the right amount of difference mixed in with the reoccurring themes, which spells familiarity and designer evolution. They may mean well, but you are just another notch on their bedpost.

Interior designers are great for people who have no idea where to shop for furniture and accessories, and those who are not sure how to place their furniture. Use designers for guidance on where to shop and how to place things.

Ask a designer for help on where to put your desk, what dimensions your sofa should be to meet the scale of the room, how big your bed frame should be, and whether you can fit an island in your kitchen! Organizational and placement questions are good ones to ask. But for the finishing touches please speak and be heard.

Who cares if your home and it doesn’t fit the designer standard? Whether it’s a bit crazy, overly organized, or refined, don’t worry about it! Let your home be an expression of you.

When I look for spring and summer accessories, to make my space pop, I like to browse ETSY for vintage and handmade pieces.

It’s nice to carry colours and themes throughout a room, and even your entire house, to create a natural flow and balance.

This Spring and Summer I’ve been thinking about Countries; I was born in the United States, most of my life has been spent here in Canada, as a Canadian citizen, and my ethnic background is Nigerian. And I’ve always had a passion for all things English!

The Picks:

SS-1 SS-2 SS-3 SS-4

Oh Canada:
Linen Canadian Flag Sham
Upcycled Red Tshirt Pillow Cover
Canadian Maple Leaf Garland

Map of West Africa
Nupe Igbo Clay Terracotta Pot (The only Igbo piece I could find – all else was Hausa and Yoruba!)
Proudly Nigerian Accent Pillow

Great Britain:
Linen Union Jack Pillow Sham
Linen Double Decker Bus Linen Pillow Sham
Linen God Save The Queen Pillow Sham

Good Ole U.S.A.:
Linen U.S Flag Pillow Sham
Wooden Gran Old Flag
Linen Retro USA Flag & Statue of Liberty Pillow Shams

Curvy Sides, Candy Jars & Accent Pieces:

Desks and Side Tables…
Vintage Red Side Table
Denim Blue Writing Desk
Union Jack Side Table
Green Ornate Side table

Candy Jars (which are absolute essentials to me…)
Home of the Brave (U.S Themed) Candy Tin
Canadian Strong & Free Candy Tin
British Candy Treats Jar
Green Depression Glass Jar (the colour of the Nigerian flag!)
Sweet Confections – Consume as Needed!

Felted Heart Pebbles set of 6
Table Decor Hearts


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