GUEST POST: Pinching Pennies Without Feeling The Crunch [Savvy Money-Saving Tips]


I have a guest post for you today! Morgan from Gray & Gabbana is here to talk to you about  how penny pinching and pretty perfect style can go hand in hand! She’s into savvy beauty, style, and living. And she is excited to share some of her tips on how she keeps her style inline with her pocket book.

Here’s Morgan on Penny Pinching Style…

Pinching Pennies Without Feeling the Crunch: Savvy Money-Saving Tips

There’s no way around it: Life costs money. Savvy women of fashion, however, can find plenty of resources to help save a few pennies here and there.

First let’s talk about affordable beauty:

The essentials don’t have to cost you an arm and a leg! Drugstores offer amazing options, on the cheap, and you won’t feel like you’re infringing on your beauty routine!

Cotton Balls:

They’re often used as applicators for various skincare products. Unfortunately, those cotton balls soak up product, causing a lot of waste. Replace them with flat, round applicator pads or product-specific applicators to save hundreds of dollars in product each year.

MAC Cosmetics:

Recycling is generally a good idea, and when you use MAC Cosmetics it comes with rewards. Collect your MAC empties, and return them to the counter you purchased them from! They offer free lipstick of your choice once you’ve used up a bottle of their products!

Now let’s talk about being a Diva on a dime. We want to be cheap but not look cheap!

If you want to look fresh for spring, start with a great pair of Warby Parker

sunglasses. They have an amazing collection of sunglasses online, for a fraction of the cost of high end sunglasses. Bonus: For every pair you buy, they donate a pair of eyeglasses to someone less fortunate.

Another key to a great look is great jewels. is a lifestyle giant that, in addition to various vintage pieces, offers an endless array of handcrafted items at affordable prices. Many of the treasures on Etsy are hot vintage looks that are popular today in Hollywood and on the runway.

Now let’s get down to the real business: living large on a dime:

Coupon Codes:

Rather than wasting your time, and resources, clipping ad coupons go green and collect coupon codes online. Websites like RetailMeNot offer specials on a wide variety of products people use daily. You can also redeem these coupon codes in online and retail stores where you regularly shop.

Gift Cards:
Gift cards are like cash but if you can pick one up for less than the actual value of the card you’ve made like a bandit! Make sure you collect before expiry or convenience charge fees kick in.

Shopping tips and tricks make all the difference!

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