Nearly Naked Lips: The Chocolate Skin Edition [A Foreword ]


Let’s talk…

The beauty industry is a racially singular mess isn’t it?

You must have gathered by now that the beauty industry, and the fashion industry as a whole, is fixated on women with lighter skin.

How many beauty advertisements have you seen, from drugstore or high-end names, which feature a model with deeper skin? And how many nude lipstick advertisements have you seen that actually feature anyone with deeper skin?

Not many.

Recently, while shopping in my local Shoppers Drugmart, I told a lady working the beauty counter
that the bronzer she was selling was the same shade as my skin tone. Yeah.

We shared a moment of very awkward silence about it. And after that moment passed she told me that a brand called Cover FX, which Shoppers does not carry, offered a great selection of shades for “women with my skin tone.”

I was pissed; why should have to go here or there to find a foundation for my skin tone? Am I an anomaly or something?

Cover FX is a cosmetics company that offers a range of full coverage foundations, concealers, and other makeup products. They’re really good for people dealing with severe pigmentation or scars that they’d like to cover up. And they’re good for persistent blemishes that your regular concealer might not be able to handle. Cover FX does what Vichy Dermablend does for some, for everyone.

There are plenty of high-end foundations which, although incredibly pricey, offer a great selection of shades. Nars, Lancome, Yves Saint Laurent, and Dolce & Gabbana leap to mind. But they’re expensive. And the drugstore foundations, their tinted moisturizers, and their BB creams are all lacking.

The beauty industry still thinks that people with deeper skin all share the same colouring. Any typical drugstore or high street counter provides a gradient of light to medium skin toned foundations joined by two or three medium to deep shades which, by some miracle, are supposed to accommodate all black women. It’s embarrassing.

So I buy high-end bases.

Rather than wait, until the end of time, for progress, I have planned a very comprehensive list of nude lipsticks for black women of colour.

I’ll cover the true nude lip, your lips but better, which for deeper skin can be peachy, pink-y, purple-y, and rose-y lipsticks too, and everything in between.

Hopefully, this can be of some help to people.

I have a lot of swatching, and buying, to do! For now, I’ll give you a taste of what’s coming…

Clinique Chubby Stick Intense
Revlon Lip Butters
E.L.F Studio Matte Lip Color
NYX Lip Creams
D&G Only Monica
Burberry Lip Velvet’s

xoxo Ada

2 thoughts on “Nearly Naked Lips: The Chocolate Skin Edition [A Foreword ]

  1. This! Forget lipstick, I would just love a foundation that matches my skintone without having to buy two different ones and mixing them up day after day. I hate going to a makeup counter or drugstore and seeing fifty shades of beige and 2 shades for women of my complexion and darker.

    1. It’s a struggle isn’t it? The lack of representation for us is so sad. 🙁 I can’t say I blame you but we can’t give up! We just have to keep pushing for more I think. I think Chanel just recently extended their lumiere to include deeper shades, and then there is my favourite Nars Sheer Glow, Lancome Tient Idole has a great collection too. You either pay for two foundations from the drugstore or you are paying premium prices to get a good quality finish. <3333

      Lipstick is my thing but you need an even base (which not everyone has) in order for it to look polished.

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