Let’s Talk About Glorious and Life Sustaining Music


I always have my music playing. I enjoy everything that music offers: pop, classic rock, classical, indie bands, choir hymns, folk, R&B, and Rap.

Recently I was given the gift of music from a dear friend. She also sent, via email, cover art to go with my mix. This allowed me to paste her cover art directly into my iTunes.

The mix has left me sitting up in my room jamming to these iconic tunes.

The music is so good that I just had to tweet about it:

bris mix bris mix2
– The cover art is so pretty!

I have been listening to this compilation non stop. Out of all the music on this mix there are two songs which I have been playing the hell out of:

#2 Pompeii by The Bastille
In the beginning, there are echoes and waves before any vocals come into play. The first taste of a voice comes alongside a uniform bemoaning that is somehow combative and rousing at once. And the lyrics are profound. You would think that this might be a simple song alluding to the end but it’s not. It is much more than that.

and the walls kept tumbling down in the city that we love. Great clouds all over the hills bringing darkness from above. But if you close your eyes, does it almost feel like nothing changed at all, and if you close your eyes does it feel like you’ve been here before? How I’m going to be an optimist about this?”

# 9. Living of Love by The Avett Brothers

The lyrics are so accurate it hurts:

“For just one chance to find love with someone that you’d love to find…for just the sense to try to walk ahead and leave the pain behind. If the days aren’t easy, and the nights are rough, when they ask you what you’re thinking of, say ‘love, safe for me love…’ your heart says ‘Not again. What kind of mess, have you got me in?’ But when the feeling’s there, it can lift you up and take you anywhere.”


Since you’ve gotten a small taste of what I like musically I thought I would offer closer look at my varying tastes in music….


See how life and love and hope is literally infesting my bones. Also note that it’s what I have on even now as I type this message to all of you.

And here are my favourite artists:

#1. The Beatles
#2. Tupac Shakur
#3. Nina Simone
#4. Tracy Chapman
#5. Van Morrison
#6. Nirvana
#7. Jimi Hendrix
#8. Bob Dylan
#9. Janis Joplin
#10. Bob Marley

More on glorious music later!

– Ada

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