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smashboxbelegendary2<- Smashbox Be Legendary Grenadine 

Getting a good look at how bright lipsticks look on deeper skin is a nightmare. There is no real representation in the beauty industry, and we have to do all the legwork ourselves.

After doing extensive research, and compiling a catalogue which includes high and low end brands, I have plans for an iconic lipstick swatch collection.

Directly related to this goal of total lipstick domination is a planned cosmetic overhaul; a new selection of eye palettes, eyeliners, and some blushers will serve as understudies to my glorious lipstick.They are:




#1. MAC Paint Pots: Groundwork, Painterly, and Rubenesque

#2. NYX  – Liquid Liner in “Liquid Brown” and their Kohl Liner in “Kajal Brown”

#3. Mac Eye Kohl – in Teddy and Stubborn Brown 

#4. Clinique – Brush on Cream Liner in ‘Black Honey’

#5.Nars  – Makeup Your Mind; Express Yourself Eyes And God Created Woman , The Happening Palette ,and Ramatuelle and,Douces France Trio Palettes 

#6. Bare Minerals – Ready Eyeshadow Quads in “The Happy Place” and “The Rare Find”

Have a wonderful Easter!



  1. winegums

    I really like the look of a relatively bare, fresh face with a bright lip – I love Sali Hughes at the Guardian, but I just can’t get behind her whole ‘do your full face first and use blush’ philosophy when it comes to red lipstick. Plus, it’s much easier to just fill in my mouth than to fuss around with liners and pencils in the eye region.

    (oh, and I hear you on the pigmentation of makeup for darker-skinned ladies too, especially on lipsticks. It’s so frustrating when a colour fails to pop on you no matter how you build it, and it’s so clear that the lack of pigment is to blame)

    1. The Duchess

      Me too! I like colour for what it does for darker skin; it brightens the skin and it just pops in a really beautiful way. And I think heavy makeup can be too much and it’s really best to be light handed with it. There is this misconception that says ladies with darker skin have to really slather on blush and eyeshadow and heavy foundation. I see videos and tutorials where there is 20 minutes spent applying layer upon layer and I’m like “it’s not that serious!” I don’t know why there is these ideas floating around, there are so many interesting and natural things to do with lipstick and blush that don’t require a thick cake of makeup!

      Ah yes! I know it can be frustrating and I think a lot of it is that there is hardly any advertisements or showings geared towards showing what looks good on darker skinned ladies. But I’ve done a lot of research and I’ve compiled a comprehensive list. If you like ‘nude lips’ I have something for you. And if you like a brighter lip (be it pink, red, purple, plum, or whatever else) it can be done. The lack of pigment is to blame indeed and the brands that offer good pigmentation don’t always advertise with a woman of colour and not everyone knows what works! I just really know my lipstick and my blusher well (from high, mid to low range in price) and I finally decided to take the plunge and represent!

      1. winegums

        On one hand I get that some people might want/need more coverage than we do – you’re blessed with pretty awesome skin, if I may say so – but the whole bright lip+bare face thing is just a much more modern approach to bright lips, imo. It’s still pretty, but doesn’t have to look ‘perfect’, which is great for me.

        I hear you on the lack of WOC models for makeup ranges, too – I’m a terrible judge of colour in-store and have pretty much just taken to googling ‘[name of lipstick] on darker skin’ every time before I buy one, even if there aren’t always as many results as I’d like. Though I’ve learned the most from comments sections at beauty blogs/websites, especially when other WOC chip in with their recommendations for stuff that works.

      2. The Duchess

        Aw thank you! And yes I know what you mean about some people needing and wanting more coverage, and I think it can look a bit too “done.” And yea, I like a bit of imperfection in the routine – as in a look that isn’t too airbrushed and perfect.

        Ladies, it’s OK if a couple of scars peak through, and you don’t have to contour your nose, cheeks, forehead AND add a whack of foundation, concealer, and powder highlight!

        I knew it! I got the sense that a lot of woc do this because when I made my first post and tagged it “woc” “nw40” that got the most hits. Obviously a lot of woc are looking to see how it looks on lips – pigmentation and all – and how opaque the colour is. The way it looks in the store is so different than how it looks on us often, and I wish more brands would be more inclined to show that. Yes you dig and you dig and you feel like you’ve struck gold when you see a woc saying ‘this colour worked for me,’ and you go out and by that exact one. I just want to give us more options – you won’t believe how long my list is and what I’ve compiled LOL! And I have so many ideas too!

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