Buxom Big and Healthy Lip Stick in Tokyo, Clinique Take the Day off [REVIEW]


Isn’t she lovely?


The Buxom Big and Healthy Lip Stick comes with a pencil sharpener, attached at the base, that you would use to resharpen it to a point. And umI would advice you not to. So much product is lost!


It is a very warm red that teeters between a plum and wine in colour. Within the first few months of usage it leaves a tingly sensation on the lips. Also, when you first apply it, because of the tingly stuff they put in it, you get a plumped up push up bra look to your lips. I love it.

After three months of usage, which would involve you constantly closing and opening the cap, the tingly sensations lessened dramatically. So if you prefer a tingle-free product you won’t have to wait very long!

I have pigmentation on my upper lip and this lip stick covered it easily. Top marks all around!


Next up on the gauntlet is Clinique’s Take The Day Off Makeup Remover For Lids, Lashes, and Lips…


If you want to take off a very matte lip, or you have a full face of makeup on, this is your friend.

Clinique suggests that you shake the bottle, saturate a cotton bud with the solution, and wipe at your face and your lips. You could also use cotton bud, muslin cloth, and you can even, as I did, use some tissue paper.

It all came off like a dream. I would suggest giving your skin a good cleanse, and following that with a solid moisturizer, because, as is the case with any makeup remover that isn’t oil based, this is not designed to hydrate your skin.

Buxom’s Big and Healthy Lip Pencil and Clinque’s Take The Day off are available at Sephora.

xoxo – Ada

13 thoughts on “Buxom Big and Healthy Lip Stick in Tokyo, Clinique Take the Day off [REVIEW]

  1. Great review! That lip color looks gorgeous! I’ll have to pick up some of that clinque makeup remover! I’ll see how it fares against my current favorite from Rimmel!

  2. This is definitely a pretty color on you. Did you find that the Clinique remover was drying on your eye area at all? It’s sort of odd that it’s meant for both removing lip and eye makeup. I mean, I guess it makes sense in a way, but my lip products usually just come off with cleanser. Waterproof mascara, that’s a whole other story. I like how you described the the lip product as a “push up bra” for your lips. LOL.

    1. Thank you Samantha! You know, my eyelids are smooth – as in not dry at all and not oily either, and when I used it on my lids it was fine. It came off really easily, and it left my lids feeling a bit softer than normal (I guess that’s the oil). On my lips – which I should mention in the post – it was very slightly drying, but once I added a bit of lip balm on it was fine. Ahhh I’m glad you liked that! What do you use to take off your lipstick?!

      1. To be fair, I try not to reapply lipstick right before I wash my face so it’s mostly worn off by the time I wash my face. I use Liz Earle’s Cleanse and Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser, which is an amazing product. It will take off all the makeup on your face including waterproof eye products, but it doesn’t strip your skin. It’s definitely worth the international shipping cost.

      2. Ah yea that makes sense, and I’m the same. Hmmm I’ve never tried that, but it sounds like it’s something I might have to get!Thanks a lot for this excellent information Samantha!

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